Year 2 Summer 2

Summer 2 – Chocolate


This half term we are looking at chocolate. We will be learning all about chocolate and where it comes from. Learning about the cacao tree and the cocoa bean will help us to understand how chocolate grows, yes chocolate really does grow on trees! We will use this to help us learn about plants and how they grow in different environments. We will learn about what plants need in order to survive and how certain conditions suit different types of plants and trees.

During the topic we will discover where the main ingredient of chocolate comes from and why cocoa beans don’t grow in England. We will look at weather patterns of countries near to the equator and compare them to the weather patterns of the UK.

Within the topic of chocolate, we will put our designing and making skills to the test as we design and make our own chocolate bar packaging. We will select a range of tools and equipment to perform practical tasks such as cutting, shaping, joining and finishing. When we have created our finished products we will evaluate our ideas against given design criteria.

Please help me by:

Reading to me. Read the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with me and talk to me about what happens throughout the story.

Watch the film of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Look at the ingredients list on chocolate bar wrappers.

To support your learning, take a look at these interesting websites:

Find about everything there is to know about Road Dalh and the characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Read what Roald Dahls fans have to say.

Watch clips from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Musical

Read about how chocolate is made.

Learn more about fair Trade and how you can help.


This page will be added to and updated throughout the school year, so keep coming back and checking for updates!