Year 2 Spring

Our topic this term is ‘United Kingdom’ and we will be learning all about the United Kingdom and Great Britain.We will be going on an adventure through the country in which we live. Throughout the topic we will learn about the countries; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We will tour the countries in a variety of ways, learning about their landmarks, key features, and different cultures. We will spend time as weather reporters and learn about weather patterns and typical weather. We will use the author Roald Dahl to help us learn about the lives of significant people from the past. We will look at the recent Olympics to learn about the successes and achievements of Team GB and hold out own Olympic style celebration. We will become inventors, creating plans and inventions and testing our inventions in a robust and fair manner. Finally, to celebrate the end of our topic we will hold our own ‘Great British Bake Off’.

To support your learning take a look at these interesting websites:

Find out about the athletes that make up Team GB.

Look at facts, traditions and the history of Great Britain.

Find exciting things to see and do in Great Britain.

Take a closer look at the royal family.

Find out how Government works.

Look inside the Houses of Parliament

Look closely at our capital city, London.

Take a look at how Great Britain used to look in aerial photographs.

Other useful sites to look at…