Reception Literacy

This is a picture of WALT (We are learning to…).
He is our wizard and tells the children what they are learning in every subject throughout the day.



We use the Floppy’s Phonics scheme and decodable books from the Oxford Reading Tree scheme to teach reading.


The children take one book home each week. Reading bags should be brought into school everyday.

In the book bag you should find….

A little red book with key words for them to learn. Each time the teacher checks these words they will put a date in the book. If the child recognises the word there will be a tick next to it. If they do not recognise it, then a dot will be placed next to it.

A reading book which will have already been introduced to the children at school and they will have read it to the teacher. All books are checked when they are returned. Please make sure that books are returned in good condition without rips or pen marks on the pages.


Please make sure that all letters or pictures are removed from the book bag so that the reading book can be easily found.