Reception – Home Learning

* YouTube may have pop-ups or adverts that your child could click on. Please supervise the use of YouTube.

Numberblocks – lots of different episodes available

Can be found on You Tube*

or CBeebies iPlayer




Alphablocks – lots of different episodes to watch

Can be found on YouTube*

or CBeebies iPlayer




Maths songs – on YouTube

Jack Hartmann teen numbers

Jack Hartmann number pairs to 10

Jack Hartmann counting to 20

Jack Hartmann dancing brain breaks

Literacy songs – on YouTube

CVC words song

Blending song by epic phonics

CVC words reading with phoneme fingers

Tricky word song

Phase 3 tricky word song

Alphabet phonic song

Science/ Understanding of the world

Messy goes to Okido

CBeebies iPlayer – lots of episodes