Year 2 Summer 1


Summer Topic 1

Seas and Oceans

We will be learning about the different seas and oceans around the world. We will be learning the different names of the 5 oceans and we will be identifying some of the creatures that live in these.

Through our topic we are going to learn about the different features of sea creatures and know where they live and why they live in different habitats. During the topic we will learn about living and non living things and be able to sort objects that are living and non living.

We will be using our senses to help us explore the sights and sounds of the seas. We will be looking at different seaside locations around England and begin to look at some of the features of these and compare them to Birkby.

As part of the topic we will be learning what it is like at the seaside now and comparing it with the seaside in the past.

Using a range of different sources we will discover and find information and facts about the world around us.

Please help me by:

Taking me to the library and looking at books about seas and oceans.

Take me to the Deep in Hull. If the weather is nice, head to the seaside.

Seas and Oceans

Planet Earth-BBC website features games and videos

Earth’s kids

Newsround-Should killer whales be kept at SeaWorld


This page will be added to and updated throughout the school year, so keep coming back and checking for updates!