Wake Up Shake Up


To increase daily activity, in KS1 and Reception we are doing 10 minutes Wake Up Shake Up at the beginning of each day.
Every Wednesday KS1 children do a Wake Up Shake Up assembly where children all complete a routine together. We have lots of fun in this assembly and by the time we all leave the hall there are lots of red smiling faces.
Wake Up Shake Up is having a positive effect on all our children… here is what they have to say…20161020_122954020_ios

Wake Up Shake Up makes me active – it makes me feel ready to learn. Hussain

It makes me feel happy, fit and healthy. Malaikawakeupshakeup2
I feel happy and a little bit tired! Georgi

Incredible! Areeb

Out of breath but ready to learn.

My heart goes dum, dum, dum!

In Autumn 2 we aim to get Wake Up Shake Up in the playground at lunchtime. Watch out for some active and ready to learn children!