Play Leaders

play-leaders-1To help make our playground a safe and happy place for all children we have 20 year 2 Play Leaders. The Play Leaders help the adults in our playground by showing other children games they can play. The Play Leaders work with any child who needs a friend and will allow all children to join in their

The children have had Play Leader training and now know a wide range of games they can play with others.

Here is what some of the Play Leaders and children had to say:
I like being a Play Leader and helping other children to make friends.
I like being a Play Leader, I play dodgeball, hopscotch and follow the leader with the other children.
Being a Play Leader is good because you can help children when they feel lonely or sad.

Play Leaders are there to play games and make up games like dodgeball or timebomb.
If you are lonely or bored Play Leaders will play with you.