There are 5 classes in Reception:

Miss Binns
Reception Teacher:

Yellow Class

Miss Moscardini
Reception Teacher:

EYFS Co-ordinator

Mrs Walsh
Reception Teacher:

Purple Class

Mrs McCrea
Reception Teacher:

PPA Teacher

Mrs Law
Reception Teacher:

Red Class

Miss Elliot
Reception Teacher:

Blue class

Mrs Rockett
Reception Teacher:

Green Class

Mrs Helliwell
Reception Teacher:

Green Class

In a morning all classes come in through the blue door in the large playground.

At home time all children are to be collected from their classrooms.

Parents/ carers who have children in Blue Class – Miss Elliot and Yellow Class – Mrs Helliwell  & Mrs Rockett  should walk around the red ball court fencing into the small reception outdoor area to collect the children at home time only.

All other classes can use the blue door leading to the large playground.

Parent meetings

We hold a session on a Wednesday morning 9am in the Breakfast Club room. It is very important to attend these sessions which will inform you what the children will be learning in class that week. We will give you activities to complete at home to support their learning.

We plan and teach from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)


What to expect, when?- Guidance to your child’s learning and development in the early years foundation stage.