Stay and Play Sessions October 2017

Parents Comments:

“It is fantastic being able to come into school and get a feel for what your child experiences while they are away from you. It can be just as scary for parents when a child starts school, not knowing if they are happy but the stay and play sessions help to reassure parents that their child is fine and settling in fine.”

“What a wonderful school. Lovely to stay at stay and play. Appreciate being able to come in and meet her friends. A great opportunity.”

“I am really pleased to see that all the activities are child centred.”

“It was nice to see the environment in which the children play, learn and enjoy. My child seemed to love to get involved in all equipment and toys around him. His teacher encourages all pupils to learn as well as enjoy their time here.”

“My experience today at the stay and play was great. It was good to see how my daughter is getting on in class. I got to meet and see her friends. I met the teachers who work with the children. The stay and play day has given me great light on how well my daughter is enjoying school and is happy.”

“It was nice to stay with my child today. This gave me the opportunity to look around his classroom and the activities he enjoys doing a lot. I got to know what he likes doing outdoor. Most importantly, my child was really happy that he got to spend some time in his classroom with me. I would love to come again and spend some quality time with my child.”