Stay and Play Sessions December 2016

“It’s been a very fun experience.  My child was really looking forward to today.  I have enjoyed myself and it is a good idea connecting and feeling part of the school. This also gives confidence to my child that her parents are interested in her school life and motivates her to do her best.”


“It’s nice to see the kids work.  My daughter shows me different activities, which will help me at home as well. Nice to see her and meet the teachers.”


“I came to stay and play and found it very interesting.  My child showed me around the play area outside.  It was a good learning area, encouraging independent play, making decisions, taking turns etc.  I am pleased to see all that.  Adults were friendly and help you feel comfortable.”


“I went to the outside play area.  Really liked all the creative things the children and staff have made with nature.  Looked amazing!!”

“I want to say thank you very much for all the staff in the school, especially in the reception.  They have a good professional way in how to deal with children.  Many thanks.”