Stay & Play November 2017

Parents Comments:

“Stay and play is a great opportunity to see how the children learn at nursery, giving me ideas for learning activities at home. It is also lovely to see how settled my child is.”
“Nursery looks beautiful and colourful.”

“I liked being around my boy this morning watching what he does every day. I am happy with the place, the care of the teachers and everything around him.”

“My son is happy and staff are very good. Nice surroundings. I like it so much.”

“I have enjoyed watching my son taking part in different activities and having fun. He is very happy at nursery and enjoys coming every day.”

“Very friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Lovely staff. Good interaction with other parents, staff and children. Enjoyable.”

“First of all I would like to say it was an extraordinary experience for us as parents but especially for my child. She liked playing and painting with me, though we do these things at home I saw she was very happy. Today when I got to nursery she asked me to play plasticine with her like yesterday. I hope you will organise more often such activities.”

“Nursery is very safe and ladies are friendly and helpful. Our child is happy and is going to the nursery with pleasure.”

“My child was so happy and communicating with others easily. I like the control that the staff do keeping their eyes on the children and trying to make sure they are safe and playing good. Thanks for your effort.”

“My child is really happy that I am here to stay with him today. I enjoyed being with other parents and talking with them. A really great experience today. All the teachers are so co-operative and loving.”

“My daughter is very happy with her nursery and teacher. Nursery is clean. Teachers are very helpful. She has learned loads of new things and words.”
“I had a lovely time with kids and staff. The kids play together and are very kind. It was amazing. Thanks a lot.”